What to Expect During Psychological Testing

What to Expect During Psychological Testing

Psychological testing might have an ominous sound to it, but it’s a simple assessment that checks for mental health issues, just as your vital signs create an impression of your physical health. It’s the first step in the treatment of mental illness. 

Depending on your circumstances, a psych test could have a number of evaluations to help your therapist identify the nature and extent of your condition as it affects your life. While you might feel uneasy about it, it’s not a pass-or-fail situation. It’s about your well-being. 

Choose Bowman Medical Group for the finest in mental health care, no matter what your age or circumstance. With a diverse set of psychiatric professionals, you can count on the customized care you need to be your best. 

While every patient’s care is personalized, here’s what to expect during your psychological testing. 

Components of psychological testing

Mental health issues often affect your physical health and vice versa. Many of our new patients are surprised by the amount of physical testing that’s part of their psych testing. 

For instance, thyroid or hormone issues could affect your mood. Chronic pain is another physical condition that often influences mental health. 

Psychiatrists Dr. Phillip Bowman and Dr. Sara Bobak are licensed physicians as well as certified psychiatrists, able to evaluate your overall physical and mental well-being. 

They can order lab tests and neurological screening like brain scans, issue prescriptions when you may require medications, and perform mental and cognitive evaluations. Each of these testing components provides important clues about your overall mental health. 

What to expect during psychological testing

The test may take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes, depending on your condition and concerns. There could be self-assessment portions that you complete ahead of time, and in today’s world, telemedicine visits may be available. 

At Bowman Medical Group, we’re telemedicine specialists, using secure HIPAA-approved platforms to safely and securely handle your confidential patient information. 

The tests and evaluations required of you vary, depending on the nature of your mental health concern. Just as a family physician won’t take a skin cancer biopsy when you’re visiting for an arthritic knee issue, we don’t use assessments that aren’t central to your condition. 

Psychological testing isn’t meant to be conclusive. Instead, it helps us target a direction, while ruling out factors that aren’t contributing. The complexity of your brain, emotions, and cognitive functions make treatment equally complex. 

Even when we positively identify the cause of a problem, treatment isn’t always a simple matter of choosing an appropriate medicine or treating a physical injury. 

Good mental health is a process, whether guided by yourself or a psychiatric professional. When you’re open and ready to explore care options for your condition, call us at Bowman Medical Group in Beverly Hills, California, to schedule your initial consultation. 

Psychological testing is nothing to fear. Instead, it’s your first step in a positive direction. Book your session today.

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