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When you lead a busy life and it’s hard to take time off from work or childcare duties, having the convenience of an on-site pharmacy at your doctor’s practice is a blessing. Bowman Medical Group in Beverly Hills, California, has an on-site pharmacy staffed by knowledgeable professionals who have exceptional skills along with caring, compassionate natures. Find out more by calling Bowman Medical Group.

On-Site Pharmacy Q & A

What is an on-site pharmacy?

An on-site pharmacy is a place where you can pick up your prescription medications after seeing your provider, all at the same location. Bowman Medical Group’s on-site pharmacy can dispense most generic medications prescribed by your clinician at the same time as your office visit.

What benefits are there to an on-site pharmacy?

The first benefit is improved patient care. Your provider and pharmacist work in close cooperation, which is better for you. It’s far easier for them to talk to each other about your medication and clear up any questions.

If your prescribed medication is unavailable, the on-site pharmacist can quickly check what your provider would want you to have as a substitute. They can also see whether you’re taking your medication and find out why you’re having problems.

It could be that your current medication causes unpleasant side effects that you don’t want to mention to your provider. The on-site pharmacist can suggest alternatives and talk with your provider to resolve your problems.

There’s also a sense of community in an on-site pharmacy that could be lacking at other places. The friendly, knowledgeable pharmacy staff at Bowman Medical Group’s on-site pharmacy become familiar to you and it’s easier to ask for advice if you feel you know and trust someone.

If the cost of your prescription is a problem, the pharmacist can check whether there are cheaper alternatives you could use and discuss changing the prescription with your provider.

Everyone at Bowman Medical Group’s on-site pharmacy is there to help you feel better. They have exceptional knowledge and skills and are always available for support and advice. The pharmacists are very friendly, welcoming, and compassionate. They’re also, of course, completely discreet and treat your privacy with the utmost respect.

To find out more about Bowman Medical Group’s on-site pharmacy services, call the office today.