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Dr Bahadorani received her doctorate from Loma Linda University, School of Public Health. She holds a master’s degree in biomedical science from Midwestern University, College of Health Sciences in Phoenix, Arizona. Her strong background in biomedical sciences, coupled with her education and experience in public health provides a unique expertise in understanding pathways of disease, and knowing the strategic systems, models and interventions to prevent them. She is a certified health education specialist and a certified health and wellness coach providing consultation for wellness programs. Her work in public health is focused on lifestyle medicine with integrative approaches to disease prevention and health promotion. Her latest public health research study was an integrative intervention for stress reduction of a significantly distressed population. Results demonstrated improved health outcomes compared to two control groups. The study has been accepted for oral presentations at national and international professional health conferences such as the American Public Health Association, the International Congress of Behavioral Medicine, the International Qualitative Health Research Conference, the American Psychology Association, and the World Congress of Psychotherapy at UNESCO in Paris.

Education and Background

  • Doctorate in Public Health from Loma Linda University
  • Master’s in Biomedical Sciences from Midwestern University
  • Bachelor of Art in Honors English from California State University, Northridge
  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Certified Health Education Specialist

Work Experience & Specialization

Lifestyle Health Behavior Specialist and Wellness Expert implementing programs that inspire, motivate, and engage adult participants. The programs are whole person approaches to health promotion and not just focused on physical fitness or diet. Participants will gain the confidence and self-efficacy to implement the acquired skills in their life.

  • Health and Wellness Coaching and Health Education on
    • Lifestyle interventions on health promotion and burnout prevention.
    • Chronic disease prevention and management.
    • Improving sleep quality.
    • Effects of nutrition on stress reduction. 
    • Nutrition: including guidelines for grocery shopping, food storage and healthy meal preparation.
  • Guided relaxation sessions.

Practice Updates

  • I do not provide treatments. My work is focused to improve health by offering evidence-based programs in lifestyle medicine that promotes optimal health and wellness.
  • Chair of the Wellness Center for the Integrative, Complementary, Traditional Heath Practices Section for the American Public Health Association Conference.
  • Presenting at the Western Psychological Conference in San Francisco and the 32nd International Conference of Psychology in Prague.


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